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Moca Educational Products Announces Its Formation and Availability of ArithHelper


Holmdel, NJ — April 3, 2003 — Today Moca Educational Products, Inc. announced its formation and immediate availability of ArithHelper, a next generation workbook for kids ages 6-12.


Moca Educational Products is a small-scale startup with big-time objectives:


Focused on parents involved in their child’s education, like homeschoolers


High in educational value


Utilize computer’s capabilities to simulate the environment


Maintain parental control and involvement in determining the curriculum


Affordably priced


PC based and standalone devices



ArithHelper is an electronic workbook for the four basic arithmetic operations that does more than replace the printed version.


The Drill Sergeant program generates random problems for the selected operation for a specified level of difficulty. The child will solve the generated problem just as one would do with a printed workbook. This method of entering the solution is believed to be unique to this program. The program will verify each step; the program can be set to keep score either in timed or untimed mode; or it can also be set not to score at all. The program will keep the score of multiple sessions to aid in evaluating the child’s progress. The program tracks the progress of a total of four students. In this way, this component is equivalent to a multi-year workbook; a consumable item is replaced with a reusable resource. Because it verifies the intermediate steps and can be used in timed mode, it goes beyond the capabilities of a printed workbook.


In the Homework Helper program, the child enters the problem that need to be solved and the program will check (just like the Drill Sergeant does) the child’s answer step by step. This component makes the program to be superior to printed workbook or any other comparable computer program.


A bonus program, Time Teller, generates a time in a random fashion and shows the position of hands on a selected clock face. The program can be set to select the time in hourly, half-hourly, quarter-hourly and by the minute. Also, there are six clock faces to choose from fully marked to a blank one.


All the three programs can be easily navigated from an administration screen.


ArithHelper reflects the company’s objectives. The parent determines the duration of a session and accepted level of proficiency. The programs use the computer only in verifying the step-by-step answers; but do not provide the answer.




Intuitive icons, easy to navigate and straight forward to use


Audio and visual feedback for wrong answer


Audio feedback for problem/session completion


Controllable/selectable sound


Designed for independent use by children


Quick and easy access to all activities



In its January 2003 review, the leading international magazine and Web site covering children's software, video games and smart toys, Children’s Software Revue called ArithHelper is a “Great practical tool…easy to use and very useful” and awarded it a 4 out of 5 star rating.



ArithHelper can be ordered through the internet website to be shipped within US and the target price will be under $10. Under this plan, the software will be supported only through online methods – email and FAQ.


The system requirements are:

Pentium® II 233 processor minimum, 64 megabytes (MB) of random access memory (RAM), CD-ROM drive (double-speed or faster recommended), 10 MB or more free hard disk space, Microsoft Windows® 95 Service Release 2, Windows 98, or Windows XP® (all other versions are not supported even though there may not be compatibility problems), Video graphics adapter (VGA) able to display at least 256 (8-bit) colors at 800X600 pixel resolution, Windows-compatible sound card.


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